1 - Major projects
jitterThe GNU Jitter project Saiu4 monthssummarylogtree
5 - Tentative code and minor hacks
benchmarking-toolsBenchmarking toolsLuca Saiu5 yearssummarylogtree
constraintConstraint optimisation experimentsLuca Saiu11 monthssummarylogtree
metalKernel-mode programming experiments, to merge into epsilonLuca Saiu6 yearssummarylogtree
white-balanceWhite-balancing program to fix scanned picturesLuca Saiu2 yearssummarylogtree
8 - Projects by friends
pokologyA community-driven site about Poke http://pokology.orgJosé Marchesi7 weekssummarylogtree
rcgcThe reference-counting project by GalexGalex5 yearssummarylogtree
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I am Luca Saiu. If you have reason to request commit access to one of these repositories please contact me. You may also send me patches by email.